Case Study: How Driver on Demand scalable their services

operAbout Online Helper (OPER)
Our client OPER is a start-up company that provides private drivers with on-demand service basis. The Customers are able to book a private driver whenever they need and wherever they go via OPER services.

OPER begin their business from consumer services app then expand into B2B business by providing professional drivers for logistic company.

Leverage cloud infrastructure technology to help OPER better scalability.
As OPER has expanded to B2B businesses, their daily transaction has growth rapidly and fortunately their current colocation server infrastructure can still easily scale up to meet their demand. However, the company realized that their current application could not handle the new expanded capacity. Therefore, OPER was in the process of looking for Software Developers Partner to take care of their IT needs and infrastructure.

As consulting partner focusing on software development and cloud infrastructure management service, Indosystem believe that with small up-front investment, OPER will be able to have a better scalability and availability by leveraging cloud technology. Hence, the plan to implement cloud infrastructure technology into OPER services has been developed.

Indosystem used AWS cloud service like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to replace the whole existing colocation infrastructure. OPER will be more prepared in facing sudden traffic spike with this new infrastructure that already contain elastic load balancing and autoscaling.

Develop new services with microservice architecture approach
Indosystem has also started to help OPER in developing their new product and service using microservice approach, which is easier when using AWS services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon SNS and AWS Faregate.

About Indosystem
Indosystem is a digital solution provider based in Indonesia that provides software development, data analytics and blockchain solutions. Other services such as consultation on software development includes high level solution architecture, software maintenance and software testing/ trials (manually and automatically).